Shared Hosting vs Managed WordPress Hosting


hello friends aayat here and in today’s aayat i am going to be explaining some of the key differences between shared hosting and managed wordpress hosting so let’s get into it [Music] also i’ll drop a link in the below area so you can compare the best

shared hosting plans managed wordpress plans and receive special discounts now let’s get into the topic so the first thing we need to cover is a brief overview of what shared hosting is and what managed wordpress hosting is

What is shared hosting?

now shared hosting is essentially where your website is hosted on a shared server with many other customers websites you can think of this as a way for the company to share the resources and keep it cost efficient now usually on a shared hosting server you will be able to install the cms you want with maybe a few exceptions so

What is managed WordPress hosting?

now what is managed wordpress hosting well think of managed wordpress hosting as a shared server but everyone uses wordpress and nothing else you see managed wordpress hosting is a wordpress specific hosting product that comes with

customizations optimizations improved security and features specifically for websites that are built on wordpress you will usually get wordpress specific caching wordpress specific security and wordpress specific features like automatic updates

on this server in general you can think of it as a hosting plan customized specifically for wordpress websites so now what does this mean and

Pros & Cons

what are the pros and cons of each hosting plan now some of the pros of shared hosting are that you pay virtually nothing per month and that in general it can be viewed as a rather unlimited plan you pretty much get to do as much as you want

within boundaries obviously your site may load a little bit slower just depending on the shared hosting plan the cons however are that you lack these wordpress specific features like automatic backups automatic updates improved security and better

enhanced performance now with managed wordpress hosting you are getting all these advanced specific features for your wordpress website a few downsides though are that it may be more expensive although on some websites the prices are

extremely comparable and another downside is that you can only host wordpress on these hosting plans now if you’re interested in deciding which plan is better for you personally i think it would come down to a few things the first thing is whether

or not you are specifically going to use wordpress and nothing else for your website if you want to experiment around with other content management systems then definitely go with shared hosting if not however managed wordpress hosting is still

an option another thing to take into consideration is the price difference although on some websites like the prices are pretty much the same prices can vary a bit between these two hosting plans with the managed wordpress hosting usually being slightly more expensive now it is worth noting that a lot of companies

actually offer their managed wordpress hosting plans for almost as cheap if not as cheap as their shared hosting plans a good example of this is a company like bluehost which as you can see offers their managed wordpress hosting plans from

around 295 per month with up to 50 gigs of disk space and a free domain name so if you are planning to use wordpress and you do pick out a cheap host there’s really no reason to go for a shared hosting system unless you want to experiment with

other cms there are also more elite hosting systems which give you access to more premium managed features like maybe custom dashboards and other stuff like that but you really don’t need those if you’re looking just for an affordable cost a website

like is great there’s always the option to go for a more expensive plan if you want those features but it’s most certainly not necessary so yeah just to recap managed wordpress hosting is used for wordpress specific sites and gives you

added features that are wordpress specific such as improved performance increased customization and automatic backups and better security shared hosting however lets you use multiple content management systems and it’s just more of a

general and open plan overall so thank you guys so much for listening if you have any questions just leave a comment below and i’ll be sure to respond also just a

reminder that i have left a link in the below so you can compare the best managed wordpress plans and shared hosting plans and also receive special

discounts thank you for watching till next time and have a great day

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