cpanel license update


cPanel For VPS – dedicated server (Unlimited Users) + Softaculous Free


Step 1: Login to server

First ssh into your server with root user.

ssh [email protected] IP ADDRESS

Step 2: Install our system

Then Install our license system to your server. skip if already done. (eg. installed while installing one of other licenses)

curl -sL | sudo bash –

Then Enable license for cPanel

After that enable cPanel

licsys cpanel enable


Now your cPanel is ready to use. Injoy! If you are still having issues. Contact our Admin

Update cPanel License

Use this command if your cPanel is getting licnese retalted issues. It work same as running “/usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt” but as you are using licsystem provided by us. use this command insted.

licsys cpanel update

SSL Certificates

If you are using our License System, AutoSSL Functionality provided by cpanel will no longer work.

That’s why we recommand you to use let’s Encrypt based AutoSSL. To enable Let’s Encrypt based AutoSSL run the following command.

Once installed, Let’s Encrypt will appear in WHM’s Manage AutoSSL interface (Home >> SSL/TLS >> Manage AutoSSL), where you can enable the provider. Hostname SSL

For some reason cPanel desabled Let’s encrypt SSL in Hostname and other services like ftp, Email etc.

To apply let’s Encrypt SSL in Hostname use the following command

licsys cpanel install-hostname-ssl
It will install Let’s Encrypt SSL to hostname. and keep the SSL up to dated. NOTE: For older cPanel versions, You need FleetSSL plugin In order to make AutoSSL work. To install FleetSSL run
licsys cpanel fleetssl

Enable Included Free Softaculous

To Enable License For Softaculous, Simply run

licsys softaculous enable

Here is a list of commands related to this license

Enable cpanel Licanse System

licsys cpanel enable

Update cpanel licanse, Run this command if you are getting Licence related issues

licsys cpanel update

(coming soon) Checks for protential problems in cpanel.

licsys cpanel doctor

Disable license system for cpanel and revert to stock.

licsys cpanel disable




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