Cloudways Web Hosting Review [2021]


hello everyone aayat here and in today article I am going to be reviewing the cloudways hosting plans and I’m going to be reviewing overall their hosting service and if it’s a good

hosting service for you now I have reviewed a lot of websites hosting platforms

around 88 to date and because of that I get to review all of these platforms because I’m an influencer I get to go between all the platforms compare them and tell you which ones are

the best now before we do get into this review is if you do enjoy my content and if you want to

see more future reviews go ahead and leave a comment so every time all right so let’s get into the review now cloudways is actually a pretty good host personally I do like cloudways and I recommend them

sometimes now for reasons I will explain later on they’re not in my top of the top hosts though so if you are looking for the website hosting companies which I’ve reviewed and ranked at the very tippy-top of the top you can go ahead and check out the link in the

description to my review of the best of the best hosting companies if you are interested in cloudways though because it still is a very good hosting company go ahead and stick

and I’m going to go ahead and review in detail all their features which ones are the best which ones are the worst the pros and cons everything about cloudways so the first thing you need to know is

What is Cloudways

what cloudways does specifically so specifically cloudways is a managed cloud hosting service or platform what this means is that their services are managed and they let you host on cloud hosting so essentially cloudways works slightly different than every other hosting

the platform on the market in a few specific manners what cloudways offers is basically an easy way to gain access to gigantic hosting companies like amazon web services google’s cloud

or places like that what cloudways does is they’ll walk you through it and they’ll just manage those platforms for you you will be able to pick a cloud hosting plan which you can scale up

or down just depending on the costs and how much performance and features you need now that’s actually a really really neat way of selling things and one reason why I do like cloud way so much I do think they’re a very good platform is because of this unique method

a lot of people do want to buy from places like amazon web services but the problem is the setup is incredibly complex and technical if you are buying from amazon web services you need to be an i.t technician or someone who’s very highly skilled in the technology fields in

the field of web hosting because if you’re not you’re going to be spending a lot of time trying to set it up a lot of time working on it and just overall it’s a very technical thing and there’s a lot of intricacies which many people aren’t familiar with cloudways though

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they do let you buy from places like digital ocean google cloud amazon web services all of these hosting providers without actually having to do this setup because cloudways will set it up for you so essentially you can think of it as an access point through which you can use

a virtual private server or a cloud hosting platform whatever you want to call it you use cloudways as an access point to the service and because of this they can offer some really cheap prices now they’re not the cheapest of the cheap but they are pretty

Checking out their plans

decent as you can see here on my page I’m taking a look at it right now you can obviously select any of the different services you would want and as you can see it shows the prices

for the amounts that you get on these places for example if I was going with digital ocean for ten dollars a month, i could get and now this is an estimate because cloudways charge is a pay as you go service so as you can see here you only pay for the resources you consume

basically, you’re only going to pay for the resources you consume when you are billed so as you can see you can look at monthly or hourly just depending on how many hours you think

you’re going to be running it on but it is pretty nice because it’s a lot more customizable than a lot of web hosts

Pros of Cloudways

and getting into the pros and cons of cloudways that is one of the pros is it’s a lot more customizable and the ease of use is insanely high as opposed to actually buying directly

from amazon web services which I do not recommend unless you are a computer

technician cloud waves buy it for you and then sets it up for you and lets you access amazon web services through their super easy to use control panel now they also offer free

SSL certificates which is a pretty big benefit and they also offer one-click staging for WordPress and a free WordPress caching program so all of these features are pretty nice

when you are buying from cloudways it is one of the services which I highly recommend I honestly think it’s a pretty good hosting company

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Cons of Cloudways

overall getting into some of the cons though one big issue that I’ve noticed with cloudways is they don’t include email hosting in their services because you’re buying through

cloudways and it’s not exactly like you’re buying directly from a web hosting service like amazon or google cloud they don’t offer email services and they also don’t let you register a

domain name directly through them so those areas can be a bit more technical because of some of the limitations which cloudways has like kind of like a platform you can use to access these services but it isn’t actually these services you can think of it kind of that way now it

also does lack a file manager and one big issue which I’ve noticed with cloudways is their support isn’t always the best it isn’t always the easiest for beginning users their support can

get pretty technical and that is something to pay attention to if you are beginning on these platforms now overall and just to recap though I do think cloudways is a very good platform they definitely rank pretty high on my list of the best platforms and unlike some other

companies like GoDaddy I don’t have very specific large criticisms of their services so overall I would definitely recommend checking them out if that is something you’re looking into it

you aren’t looking into cloudways and you do want to see the best of the best services which I recommend you can go ahead and check out my link in the description where I

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reviewed my top three web hosting companies because I’ve reviewed so many I basically get to rank them and determine and use all of them and figure out statistically which ones are

the best of the best and that’s why I made that article so if you’re not exactly set on a certain web host you can check that out and see what I have to say well that’s been it for today

thank you so much for watching and remember if you do enjoy my content well thanks for reading till next time and have a great day

Cloudways Web Hosting Review [2021]

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