3 Best Web Hosting 2021 Which Web Host is Best for You?


hello everyone aayat here and in today’s article I’m going to be reviewing the top three web hosting companies of 2021 [Music] now I’ll drop a link in the description where at any time during this article you can check out more details about all of these web hosts and receive special discounts alright so let’s get into the review now

Checking out Hostinger

the first thing I do want to mention is that I don’t really have any specified order which I put these top three web hosts in they are all very good for different things and I’ve chosen each one for a specific area which it probably serves better than the others because of this once

I cover and introduce all of the three web hosts and their features I’m going to be telling you exactly which one is better for you so stick around until then also just a reminder that if you do find this content helpful please do leave a comment because that helps my channel out and that helps me make more article for you alright

so let’s get into the web hosts now the first one I want to mention is actually called hostinger now in case you are a returning subscriber to my channel you’ll know that I have talked about hostinger a lot and the reason being is because

I love hostinger in my opinion they are one of the best web hosting companies on the market hence why they’re in my top three list and honestly I use their hosting services myself I have used hostinger to host multiple websites in the past and

I honestly have no complaints now hostinger advertises a 99.9 uptime guarantee what this means is that your website is pretty much going to be up 99 of the time which is very good they also come with unlimited bandwidth on most of the plans and free drag and drop website builder with any hosting plan now

this website builder makes it super easy for beginners to draft up their first website and it’s very nice that it does come with hostinger now another major benefit to hostinger is actually the price and

this is one of the key unique selling propositions if you’re familiar with advertising that they offer hostinger is without a doubt one of the cheapest

if not the cheapest web hosts on the market and whereas you might notice a substantial drop in quality with a lot of companies when they charge such a cheap amount as hostinger does with hostinger they provide great service

which you can’t complain about the performance is really good and the latency is actually super low the worst latency you could get on hostinger is around one to one and a half seconds which is still incredibly good for 99 websites

now if you’re wondering what the price for hostinger is well their cheapest plan starts at 99 cents a month now in case you’re not familiar with the going rate for hosting plans this hosting plan is extraordinarily cheap the going rate for the cheapest shared hosting plans is anywhere from 250 to 5 bucks a month with 250 being on the very low end and because hostinger can provide their shared housing plan for 99 cents a month this makes hostinger incredible for any budget hosting

Checking out Bluehost

you need well moving on to the second hosting company we have bluehost.com now Bluehost is another personal favorite of mine which is why they’re on this list I’ve reviewed their systems used their systems and had clients

who use their systems many times over the years and as of yet I’ve heard consistent positive feedback about them across the board one of Bluehost’s biggest benefits is its incredible ease of use Bluehost has one of the most intuitive and easy to use platforms and back-ends on the market their custom Cpanel is incredibly nice and fully featured and

intuitively, they have 24 7 support and fantastic infrastructure for WordPress users if you are going to be using WordPress on your Bluehost plans which I do recommend now Bluehost usually has top of line cutting edge technology on their platform and because of the ease of use which Bluehost has anyone from a beginner to an advanced

it technician can use Bluehost’s hosting platform with pretty much the same ease it offers a very wide range of plans so no matter how big your business is they’re gonna have a plan for you and of course, all plans come with unlimited bandwidth Bluehost in my opinion is a very great platform especially for beginners who are looking for something super intuitive and super easy to use now their cheapest plans start at around 295 per month

which is still on the incredibly low end of hosting pricing along with an incredibly intuitive user interface and backend they also offer custom themes when you buy any one of their hosting plans to go with your WordPress website and assist

you in building those websites because of this Bluehost is one of my favorite platforms especially for beginners because if you are concerned about your technical knowledge there is no hosting company that makes it easier to understand than Bluehost

Checking out Hostgator

and finally moving on to the last hosting company I want to mention we have Hostgator HostGator is one of the biggest web hosting companies on the market they have received a claim far and wide Hostgator is an industry leader in hosting and rightly

so because the service they offer is incredibly cheap and incredibly high performance so that’s another benefit is if you’re looking for a company

which is critically acclaimed and has many awards to back their claims and functionality HostGator is definitely for you another really nice thing about HostGator is their plans are packed full of features and functionality Hostgator keeps expanding and keeps growing their business so they add a lot of new features a lot of the time while staying affordable and powerful

now they also have hundreds of drag and drop website templates as well which is really a benefit if you are looking to go with them because you’re not going to have to focus as much on building the website itself now just like the other two HostGator also offers a 99.9 uptime guarantee which is incredibly good with the number of features and flexibility HostGator offers it definitely claims its place in the top three website hosting companies but now that we’ve listed all three what are the benefits of each and how do you pick between them well

I’m gonna try and narrow that down as much as possible now a lot of it also comes down to personal preference but each company has its strong points and I’m going to go ahead and run you through

Strong points of each

those right now


now why would you want to pick hostinger well hostinger is without a doubt the best website hosting company if you are on a budget if you only want to pay 99 cents a month for your website hosting hostinger is the company for

there is no other company that offers the incredible budget plans which hostinger does and because of that hostinger is probably going to be the best for you if you’re looking for a website hosting plan but don’t exactly have an incredibly large budget to work with


next, let’s talk about Bluehost now Bluehost if I had to recommend them to anyone and sum up their benefits into one cohesive elevator pitch I would say that Bluehost is one of the easiest to use and most intuitive platforms on the market today without a doubt their hosting plans are incredibly simple and personally

I think anyone could understand how to use them so if you’re not the best with technology and are looking for a hosting platform that is super intuitive and which you won’t really have to understand much technical stuff to use Bluehost is definitely the one for you


finally, let’s talk about HostGator now HostGator is obviously an industry leader and because of this they have an incredible amount of resources Hostgator has so many features and so much functionality it’s hard to beat them when it comes to that aspect

so if you are looking for a hosting plan with many features and that comes from an acclaimed industry leader Hostgator is definitely the one for you the number of features they have is just off the wall

it’s incredibly well thanks for watching just to recap those were my top 3 hosting websites in 2021 for you now if you do want to pick up any of those hosting websites and add a special discount

you can head down to my link in the description where I have some extra details and discounts available for you now if you do have any questions or comments just drop them in the comments and

I will be sure to respond also remember that if you enjoyed this article please do leave a comment because it helps me produce more content for you and it helps me know what content you like well thanks for watching till next time and have a great day


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